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One-click configuration

Our Django config screen asks you two questions: what you want to call your app, and where you want to put it. Click OK, and your app will be created and start serving instantly. No fiddling with Apache or nginx config, no need to install anything.

Easy Deployment

With a PythonAnywhere Web Developer account, it's easy to manage separate versions of your site for dev, staging and production.

Getting code and content in and out is easy — you can use our built-in browser-based editor and Bash consoles, scp, or you can use git, mercurial and other VCS's to push and pull your code.

Our servers come pre-installed with Django, as well as a huge number of other useful modules. If you need any more, you can use pip and virtualenvs to install anything you need.

I'm driving a plan at my workplace to migrate our Django web properties from Amazon to PythonAnywhere. The level of abstraction you guys provide is unparalleled!

Rudi MK

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