can't find incoming http request

Hey, the sender of http request says that he had send it and give me the time it was done. When i look at access logs, i don't see this request. Is it possible that server responded with any code and this request didn't flashed in log?


That's strange -- we haven't experienced that before. Can you confirm that the request was valid?

i can't see any incoming requests at that time, but they insist that request was sent

Do you see requests before and after the time at which they sent the request in the logs?

yes i do

What response are the senders of the request getting? and what URL are they accessing

their support says that they didnt get any response when accessing my url

That endpoint does not appear to accept GET requests. If they're making a GET request, then it is being rejected with a 405 error by your web app for that reason. Though that would appear in your access log.

"didnt get any response" is not really something that we can debug. It could mean anything. There could be something in their network environment that is blocking the connection, they could be making a request that is invalid in some way, they could have a typo in the URL etc. Get them to send you the code they're using and the error message they're getting when they run it.