Scheduled task failed to get session variables from (main) file

Hello everyone,

I am bit new to this environment. I have created my website to retrieve conversations from Skype using Python for business purpose. I have used flask_apscheduler to auto-fetch the conversations every 1 hour. Since pythonanywhere doesn't support apscheduler, I needed to used scheduled task. I have configured everything and included a file (eg., in the scheduled task. But in order to successfully run this file I have to get some parameters from I realize that when scheduled task file is running, is not running and hence the session, mysql in that file is not active.

My question is how to pass parameters to scheduled task file (whenever its running)? I just tried to run this in always-on-task, but nothing is working.

Is there anyway that while running scheduled task I get parameters from flask_app file (this file should be active i.e., I need to get a value from mysql and pass it as variable)

Any help would be really appreciable.

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