Is Postgresql on PythonAnywhere faster than Mysql? Or rather, if I will choose Mysql for my db will it be hosted on the same machine as my website? And if I will choose Postgres for my db it will be hosted on another server?

Hello. I wanted to ask you for advice. I am wondering if I should choose for my django project MySQL or PostgreSQL. I was a little bit shocked when I learned that MySQL on PA is free and Postgres is paid. I was thinking that both databases need to have their own servers so both of them should be paid (or neither of them).

From where exactly does the difference come?

Is it because MySQL server is being hosted on the same server as my account/website while Postgres is a separate server (therefore it should be faster)?


Postgres is paid because you get a private server, MySQL db is on a shared server, so performance on Postgres depends on how you manage your db, while MySQL may have ups and downs depending on other user's behaviour. MySQL db is not hosted on the same server that your web app, but you can connect to it, even on a free account.

Thank you very much. That makes sense :)

No problem!