Can’t edit file in dashboard after opening in Console

It seems that I can’t edit a config.ini file after I edited in a console using VIM.

I closed the console (so no open connections) but still I can’t edit the file.

How can I enable editing through the dashboard/files method?

Which file is it, and can we take a look at it to see why it's uneditable? The kind of thing that can cause problems like that is if you've accidentally set it to read-only (which is unlikely based on what you say) or if you've added characters to it that make it look like it's not a text file, or if you've made it a very large file (I think our editor has a limit of 1MiB).

For me it’s a simple config.ini file.

Perhaps that the script locks it in some way. (And doesn’t unlock because of an unclean exit.

I can edit it in VIM without any problems.

Only not through the dashboard.

I checked the rights. Owner and rwx rights are equal to other files that are still editable.

Can you provide us the full path to the file so we could investigate it? If you prefer, you can contact us via email at

I replied using the email address you provided.


I see we already replied you via email and the issue seems to be resolved.