Pandas_ta not found after install

Hi, I installed pandas_ta package. My script worked for about 30 minutes, and then suddenly stoppeed working with this error message: Jan 6 14:29:17 import pandas_ta as pdta Jan 6 14:29:17 ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pandas_ta'

I already installed pandas_ta.

Thanks in advance for your help.

What was the exact command that you used to install it, and what is the command that you're using to run the script? Different versions of Python have different sets of installed packages, so if you use (say) pip3.9 to install a package, and then run it with Python 3.10, you won't pick up the package that you installed.

The command was pip install pandas_ta. I don't know how to check what python version the Task manager is using.

The really confusing part is that the script was running OK by the Task manager, but suddenly stopped with this error (I didn't edit the script during this).

How can it run without errors and then suddenly miss a package that was used before?

How does exactly look the command you use to run your script as a task?