Single 302 redirect among nice 301s and a 200 while using Google Domains. Is it possible to get 301 everywhere?

Hello. I am once again asking you for your support. Some time ago I was asking about best option for using FQDN + WWW redirection at my domain provider. I had a lot of issues with that so in the end I decided to switch for a more popular provider like Google Domains.

So far I am happy with their easier and more straight forward setup but there is still one thing that is bugging me. Here are my current redirects: - 200 - 301 - 301 - 302

And my Google Domain setup consist of those steps:

  1. Setup a CNAME record for www with server address

  2. Add forwarding option from to using 301 and Path Forwarding and SSL On option.

My question is, is it possible to do something about this single 302 redirect? As I was looking and asking around I was told that it might be caused by enabled option Force HTTPS on PA. That this https forcing is set to use 302 redirect and not 301. And that is why results in 302.

I was wondering if that is a truth and if I can do anything about it? Thanks!

That is returned by our loadbalancer when "Force HTTPS" is set to true. If you do not like that return code, then you will have to turn off "Force HTTPS" and implement the redirect in your web app with whatever return code you like.

I understand, thank you for your response! Out of curiosity, is there any specific reason for code 302?

I mean, is that a tech related issue or it was a design decision driven by, for example "universality" of code 302?

It's based on the fact that it is used by all of our users, so making it permanent could not be what some users intend. With a temporary redirect, we get the redirect and we do not lock users in when they may not want to be.

Sure, I understand. Thanks!