How do I put my main directory in 1 ZIP file?

I have 2 website on pythonanywhere: 1 in folder odc and 1 in oic. My main folder name is pjp911 and I'm in it (using the "pwd /home/pjp911" command)

I have tried many commands in bash like: zip -r all => it always gives a warning that the name not matched

However it says use this: zip -r all . -i

But then it says this: zip warning: name not matched: .local/bin/django-admin zip warning: name not matched: .local/bin/flask Scanning files ....... zip warning: zip file empty

So can please someone tell me how to easily ZIP my main folder or 2 subfolders? So I have a backup of my 2 sites.

What is your directories structure?

Site 1 => /home/pjp911/odc

Site 2 => /home/pjp911/oic

If you're in a Bash console in your home directory (/home/pjp911), then command: zip -r odc oic should work fine (if you want to archive contents of those two directories, odc and oic).

Ok, it worked now. Not sure what I was doing wrong.

Thnx for the help.

Glad it worked (I think -i option could have prevented creating the archives).