Importing Pycaret

Hi, I can't seem to import Pycaret into my app. Either broken pipe or error loading dependencies. Any idea on what's causing the issue?

Could you provide the full error messages that you're getting?

The broken pipe error was due to something else, so I'm actually not getting any particular error. The page just won't stop loading (eventually it says error loading dependencies). I can import pycaret, but not pycaret.classification etc. And I have no idea what the problem is so would appreciate any help I can get!

It's a dash app if that's any help.

Check if the version of pycaret you use provides classification module.

It does! Version 3.0.0. I can import pycaret.internal etc. but when I try to import pycaret.classification or pycaret.regression the app just says "Loading...". My guess is it has something to do with the functional/oop APIs?

I take it that it's saying "loading" on the website interface itself; if there's an error in the error log, could you perhaps quote it here in full?

Yes, it says loading on the website interface. No error in the log as it never stops loading...

Check the network interface in your browser to see if there are any requests that are failing and how they may be failing.

The following cripts all fail due to Gateway Timeout:

react@16.v2_7_1m1685509244.14.0.min.js Scriptreact-dom@16.v2_7_1m1685509244.14.0.min.js Scriptprop-types@15.v2_7_1m1685509244.8.1.min.js Scriptdash_bootstrap_components.v1_2_1m1674194759.min.js Scriptdash_renderer.v2_7_1m1685509243.min.js Scriptdash_core_components.v2_7_1m1685509244.js

Not a problem if I don't try to import Pycaret.

Then it's likely that pycaret starts threads when you import it, so that will not work in a web app. You can maybe move that code out of the web app: