More than one Django website

Hello, I want to ask about more than one django website on PA. First of all, I of course googled a lot and I found this thread:

I am asking this question again but it has been over 8 years, I wanted to ask if something changed in this case ?

Or is ONE "web app" == ONE django website ?

I am asking, because I am beginner in python and django programming and I wanted to play a little bit with my portfolio and host one portfolio website, and two project websites. All of them are of course small and very few people will actually visit them.

And I was wondering if I can somehow host on one paid account (Hacker level) 3 django websites, or maybe I can create one django "mother" and three django "childrens" ?

Or maybe I should create one paid "main" account for portfolio and then several free accounts for my small projects ? But I wanted on some of them to try PostGre so it would also multiply my needs for Hacker Level accounts and I would probably use 5% of CPU time and storage space from this Hacker level.

Thanks, and I am sorry for my lacks in terminology.

The problem with multiple web apps from 8 years ago is no longer relevant. It's up to you. If you want to have multiple web apps under one user with access to common files, you need a paid account. Same for postgresql.