UPDATE MySQL version

Hi, could you please upgrade my mysql version to 5.7+. The MySQL version below 5.7 is not supporting the JSON fields as my project have few json fields in the db structure,

Thank you in advance

Unfortunately we can't do that on our EU systems right now. A future system upgrade -- probably the next one -- will upgrade all MySQL databases in the EU to 5.7.

Ok, thank you for the update. Could you please elaborate a little more about when do you plan to do next system upgrade so I can decide if I wait or try to find way around? Thanks.

It's not certain right now -- the main changes for the update are going through integration testing at the moment, and we need to know what that will show up. I'd expect it to be a matter of a few weeks, but can't say for sure.

Hi, any news about next system upgrade? If not in the near future (few weeks) do you think is viable to transfer my environment to the US server? Just considering different options.


It could be next week, but we need a few more days to be sure.

Hi, checking again... I saw you had a successful system upgrade... but MySQL is still running in version 5.6? Did I see right? If yes what is the time frame for 5.7 version...


Unfortunately we weren't able to upgrade MySQL as part of the system update this time around, and the same thing had happened last time, so we're going to have to do it as a separate update. That's going to happen next Tuesday (26 May) at 22:00 UTC.

...and that's done now :-)

Great thank you!!!

You're welcome :-)