Can not login to python anywhere from my PC: User name and Password is incorret

Hello everyone, I have a very weird problem right now.

I created an account with pythonanywhere yesterday from my laptop. I used a randomly generated password, stored it in my kdbx file.

Today I tried to log in from my pc, but got "The user name or password is incorrect". First I thought I got the password wrong, but I tried like 10 times. After this I uploaded the .kdbx file to my USB stick and opened it on my pc to just copy and paste the user name and password - still the same error.

I thought I might have saved the wrong password, opened the .kdbx on my laptop and tried to log in from my laptop - no problem at all.

So basically I have a .kdbx file with a username and a password. Using those I can log in without any problems from my laptop. Using the same username and password from my PC i get the "user name or password are incorrect" error.

I even tried to log out on my laptop and log in on my pc, even copied the password and username to an editor and then into a plain .txt file and copied it to my pc to avoid any issues on formatting or hidden symbols etc. No use.

Does anyone know what I can do?

just to double check- were you going to to login for both laptop and pc? ie. instead of

Dear Conrad, you are exactly right! My registration was for eu.pythonanywhere and I tried to logg in to the US based pythonanywhere. Cheers mate!