Various lags detected

The host is giving some issues at the moment. Lags of 5 - 15 seconds detected.

What do you mean by host? Where you experience those lags?

I'm sorry for any eventual error in technical terms, but your server was giving a lot of troubles at the time I opened this topic. For a few hours I experienced some long lags on my Telegram bot.

Lags between what and what? It's difficult to help with something if you do not clearly explain what the problem is.

If you check, you may notice that your server had some issues that day, I think. Bot response was really slow. Requests were processed with serious lags. It's okay now. Other Telegram bots were working fine that day, so I don't really know what else could have been the problem.

The most likely is that, if you're running them in a task or in a console, that you were in the tarpit and so your processes would run more slowly.

100% no. I wasn't in the tarpit and even then I never experienced something like this.

can we get some more info- where was your bot running? was it as a webapp? was it from the console? was it an always on task? are you still seeing it, or was it a blip? do you have any info on what part was slow? eg: was it cpu bound, or was it file access that was slow, or db access etc?