Been pulling code from git but received a deprecation warning as of January 2020

Been pulling my code from github using the terminal with "git pull" and it did the job so far, but now I received a notice that this way using password login credentials will be deprecated and that I'd probably need to update my client and use token autentification. This flips my head a bit since I'm not that savvy and altough I don't think it will be that complicated to set-up, since I don't control the linux image, I'm wondering if this is a current limitation of pythonanywhere before digging deep in the matter just to find out I can't change git or any other setting required. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks!

This github help page shows you how to generate and use a personal access token.

Oh, so it’s that simple. It sounded a bit more convoluted in the email or I ended up in the wrong help page. I feel more dumb now. Thanks a lot!!