FIle loss

Hello, I was trying to restore a virtual environment and accidentaly deleted my main folder. Is it possible to restore the various files (,, etc.) inside the main folder /home/DamianoGA/UnoGABot/ please? You can exclude /venv folder to make it lighter. The last important changes were made today (19th Feb 22) around 10:15 pm. It's the perfect restoring point.

Thank you.

Our backups are not designed for point-in-time recovery of user files, so it can take over 24 hours for a restore like that. Let us know if that's ok and we'll do that tomorrow.

It's okay, I'll be able to recover all the work I did yesterday. Thank you.

Glad to hear that!

Note: I meant that I will be able to restore what I did if you recover that files and I'm okay with what Glenn said.

OK. I misread that as it was ok and you did not need the restore. We'll see what we can do about speeding up the process.

No problem.

Hello, is the recovery over?

Yes. I placed the recovered files in a directory called UnoGABot_RECOVERED

Thank you very much!