Payment options


I've been using the free plan for a bit, and while I'm not a power user, I wanted to upgrade my plan and support the company. For peace of mind, I want to use a payment processor, however, when selecting a plan I'm prompted to enter CC details directly into the website.

I've googled around and people are talking about pythonanywhere and using paypal, was this option removed? Is it only available in the US region?

Thank you.

PayPal is only available in the US region.

Therefore, in the EU region, credit card information is stored by pythonanywhere to be used for monthly billing?

No, it's not -- it's stored by our payment processor, Stripe.

That is pretty much everything I wanted to know. Thank you very much for the quick responses, both of you. It is very appreciated and hopefully this post may help others in the future.

Glad we could help!