I would like to use correct setup while my domain is on Free DNS "parking". How Can I achieve the best results? And which one should I choose from FQDN + WWW / WWW / Wildcard ?

Hello! I would like to ask you for advice.

Before, I had "parked" my domain on my domain provider servers with some "sketchy" set up. Now I would like to do it properly once and for all and independent from my domain provider servers. They are offering moving my domain to "Free DNS Parking".

I understand that I should set my @ "A" tag to IP provided to me by NakedSSL service that I am using. (and if I would like to keep using them)

www "CNAME" should be set to pythonanywhere webapp url

In @ "TXT" I can set my google-site-verification code.

(that is my current setup and it looks like it is almost working with all 301 from http/https/www/without www etc. The only problem is with "" which results in 302 redirect to "" instead of 301)

I know that my redirects should be 301, not 302. But my question is, what "redirect range" should I be using? I can see options like FQDG + WWW / WWW / Wildcard

I was reading guide about custom domain but I a got a little bit lost while trying to understand those FQDG + WWW / WWW / Wildcard options.

And at the same time I am wondering if I really need NakedSSL as well and if it is possible to get a nice 301 on everything at the same time?

I'm afraid we can't provide support for your DNS provider. I'm guessing the 301 is coming from them so you should probably contact them for help with that. If you have redirection working for the naked domain to your www domain, then you do not need nakedssl.

I understand, thank you. I will try to reach out to them directly.

I was wondering, is there a general rule of thumb in case of this FQDN + WWW / WWW ? Or it is also specific to my provider?

I don't have enough context to know what they mean by "FQDN + WWW / WWW", so it's best if you ask them what that means.

Thanks. I will, I wasn't aware that those options are specific to my service provider. I think that next time I will go with some "regular" service like Google Domains or Godaddy or something.

Thanks for letting me know!