How to add whitelist ip address in binance?

Hi, is there any ip address that I can used for whitelisting purposes in binance?

Unfortunately not, the IP address that is used when running your code on PythonAnywhere is not fixed and can change over time.

So there is no other way or solution to run my code?

Have a look at this help page.

Can you walk through how to code this in python? I am beginner. Thank you.

Not really. You will have to check the binance documentation about how to do the configuration necessary for whichever method you choose.

I will use the last one because it is free. do you know how to generate ip ranges in python? Thank you.

The help page provides a link to an AWS page which links to a json file with IP ranges -- you could get its contents and parse it with Python, if needed.

So If I buy 1 private proxy with static IPv4 address in the link do I just need to export it in the environment variables in the pythonanywhere website and assign the static ipv4 in binance whitelist? is that how it works or not? If not, can you give me step by step like teaching me how to read a single letter before buying in the website? Coz I really don't know what to do and i don't understand even i search the steps in the web?

We don't have step by step tutorials for that as it involves third party services/packages. If you encounter any specific issues while implementing a particular solution on PythonAnywhere, please let us know the details, and we'll try to help you, if we'd have enough data to debug the issue.

Hi currently getting this error

requests.exceptions.ProxyError: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: / (Caused by ProxyError('Cannot connect to proxy.', OSError('Tunnel connection failed: 407 Proxy Authentication Required')))

Is there a workaround to fix this?

It sounds like the proxy that you are using requires some kind of authentication; you'd need to contact the proxy service's tech support to find out how to send that to them.