Static IP for binance API

It looks like a couple days ago binance changed their API requirements and now it's necessary to provide a whitelist of allowed IPs. This means I need a static IP for my bot, right?

I understand PythonAnywhere doesn't provide this feature. I've already checked this post but I'm not happy about paying more money to a new provider, also I have no idea wich alternative should I use.

I'd like no know if someone had the same problem and how they solved it. Hopefully static IP will be an optional feature here in the near future.


Do Binance provide some kind of non-allowlisted API where you can change the allowlisted IPs? That's the only alternative that I can think of for getting it working on a dynamic environment like PythonAnywhere.

Turns out there is a config option to avoid the whitelist. So it's not an urgen subject right now. Still it would be nice to have the feature of static IP in the future.

Thanks for the update! Do you have a link for the config option to hand? Perhaps other people would find it useful.

I can't even get my binance Script to run. Because i don't know how to setup pythonanywhere proxy (for free account) on my Script. Please any help will be appreciated....


@Jcosmoxx -- have a look at this help page.