499 error

Hi, In access log for my Django web app I can see that when one specific user logs in to my app, code 499 is firstly raised and one second later code 200 is returned. The user does not notice any error, it works fine for him. It happens only with this one user, nobody else. He is using Enpass password manager, could that be the cause? I also assume that the error code is raised by the server and not my Django app, since I have custom middleware that emails me every response with code greater than or equal to 499.

I am just wondering what could be the cause, but since it does not cause any problems, I don’t think it actually needs to be fixed. I’m just curious:-)

The 499 status code is a synthetic one that Nginx (the web server we use in front of your website code to handle HTTPS, load-balancing, and so on) uses to represent a situation where the client closed the connection before the server was able to respond. So perhaps with the password manager in use, the user's browser makes a connection to log in, then for some reason closes that and tries again? That would explain what you're seeing.