How to make a download section available

I would like to provide a download folder under following URL:

For this, I have created a new app: python startapp servedownload and added following and

from django.shortcuts import render
import os
from django.http import FileResponse, Http404

def download_folder(request):
    # Set the file path to the directory you want to serve for download
    folder_path = '/home/myapp/webinterface/download'

    # Get a list of all the files in the directory
    files = os.listdir(folder_path)

    # Render the template with the list of files
    return render(request, 'download_folder.html', {'files': files})

def download_file(request, filename):
    # Set the file path to the directory you want to serve for download
    folder_path = '/home/myapp/webinterface/download'

    # Build the full file path
    file_path = os.path.join(folder_path, filename)

    # Check if the file exists, and raise a 404 error if it doesn't
    if not os.path.exists(file_path):
        raise Http404('File not found')

    # Serve the file as a downloadable response
    response = FileResponse(open(file_path, 'rb'), as_attachment=True)
    return response

I have also added the urls properly in

path('download/', servedownload.download_folder, name='download_folder'), path('download/<str:filename>/', servedownload.download_file, name='download_file'),

The content of download_file.html is:

{% extends 'base.html' %}

{% block content %}
    <h1>Download folder contents:</h1>
        {% for file in files %}
            <li><a href="{% url 'download_file' filename=file %}">{{ file }}</a></li>
        {% endfor %}
{% endblock %}

I can download a specific file but when entering /download it redirects me to my logged in page.

Is it possible that you have error handling that is redirecting to the logged in page and that the views are generating errors? Perhaps there's an error traceback in your error log.

There is nothing in the logs nor in the firefox developer console. Downloading a specific file works but showing the content of the download folder not.

I have checked everything for the last hours, can you maybe see anything from accessing:

I do not get redirected. I get a page that has what looks like a weird mix of files and file contents.

I am still stuck with getting a simple download section that lists all files and directories and makes the directories accessible and the file downloadable. There's no feedback on my stackoverflow question: @pythonanywhere team: do you by any chance have an idea how I can provide a download folder? On a dedicated server I used to install an apache server. I have tried flask but for this I will probably need another domain.

I think the SO question lacks some details about what is the issue, so it's hard to answer it. I tried the link from SO now, but it looks there is no routing to this endpoint any more.