scripts are very slow


I recently performed an upgrade to use 4,000s of cpu usage.

But my scripts are very slow. In previous tests they were almost 10 times faster.

Below is more information that can be verified.

cpu usage: CPU Usage: 50% used – 2034.19s of 4,000s. Resets in 11 hours, 56 minutes

Example of looped interaction:

0%| | 2/2520 [00:02<44:03, 1.05s/it]

0%| | 3/2520 [00:04<1:02:23, 1.49s/it]

Does anyone know how to help me?

CPU seconds don't make your code running faster (they only prevent your code into losing priority on the server in being executed extra slow). As your code is being run on a shared infrastructure it's possible that the performance will vary. Could you tell us how and when you were running your code on PA to perform the tests?