Not able to connect MySQL db to Google Looker with SSL

Good morning,

I'm trying to connect my MySQL DB (that I have on pythonanywhere) to Google Looker Studio - unsuccessfully so far. I read the pythonanywhere guide to access db outside of pythonanywhere and my understanding is that I should use SSL. I have been accessing my db on sequelPRO on my laptop with no issues. However, when I select SSL on Google Looker Studio, they are asking to provide a MYSQL SSL client configuration files (as shown in the screenshot below). I am not sure on where to download or how to create these files. Could anyone help please?

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

enter image description here

It's not exactly SSL that you need to use to connect to MySQL databases inside PythonAnywhere -- it's SSH tunneling. Is there an option to set that up on the tool that you're using?

Thanks so much for your answer. Apologies, I got confused. I don't see any option for SSH tunneling. The available options are the ones in the screenshot (SSL and Client authentication). Any way I can connect my pythonanywhere MySQL database with Looker?

Unfortunately not, then :-(. We only support connections over SSH tunneling.