Web editor preferences reset when reloading page

hi, im a new user, and, i recently found an "issue", im not really sure if its a issue, but ok. the issue: when editing the web editor preferences (ctrl + comma), example, changing theme from "chrome" (which is the default one) to monokai, then reloading the page, the theme will go back to default, which is chrome. like, any change you make to the editor, will go back to default IF you reload the page. is this "normal"? is this supposed to happen? any solution?

Yes, it currently works like that (keyboard shortcuts won't reset however). We have a ticket for that, so I'm upvoting it for you.

ohh, i see. i would like to keep my custom settings, so its a good idea if we could keep our custom settings, thanks for upvoting!

Thanks for the feedback!